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Single Coaching Session

coaching conversations to create clarity

One off deep-dive conversation to help you with the sticky parts.

Sometimes we need a space away from family, friends and colleagues to slow down, reflect on and process that idea that excites us, the challenging experience we had, or the ruminating thought that we can’t seem to shake.

Coaching provides an opportunity to try on different lenses, to gain greater clarity and to feel less stuck.

One off sessions give you an hour to slow down and explore that thing that needs some attention. 

Using a collaborative, creative approach we work together to uncover the sticky parts, and explore feasible options and next steps. 

One off sessions focus on whatever you want to bring to the coaching: work-related, relationship focussed, life-transitions. Examples include:

  • a tentative idea for an entrepreneurial business,
  • exploring a career change
  • preparing for an interview or annual review
  • making a decision about a job or educational offer
  • preparing for retirement
  • preparing for a return to work
  • managing a medical leave
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Change is on the horizon and you want to start preparing

You find yourself going round in circles with a thought, a plan or an idea that you can’t let go of 

You’re listening to the advice of others and second guessing or negating your own thoughts and beliefs 

You want to try out coaching and a single session feels a comfortable way to do that 

Time to step out of the busy and slow it down
Time to come back into alignment with your own self and values.
Time to come back to you 

What I bring to the table:

I am an encourager and a motivator.
My coaching prompts and probes and questions.  It asks for clarity.  It is curious; deeply, compassionately curious. Coaching is your time, your space. Time to focus solely on you.


My coaching provides company on the journey.
We are wired to connect. Having a non-judgemental, supportive person journeying alongside us supports us to manage the inevitable discomfort and second-guessing that accompanies anything new.


My lens is one of social justice and the social context.
We live and work within systems, communities, societies. We may not always be living in alignment with these systems and end up needing to suppress parts of ourself to keep going. We may have found ourselves feeling like we are in a constant pattern of ‘pushing through’. When appropriate my coaching examines these experiences and explores the parts of us that really need to come up for air—that need to see the light. And if safe to do so, we develop ways to bring those parts of self into the world.

My work with you is influenced by many things, including formal and informal education and learning, as well as my own lived experiences. I bring to the table the strategies and thought processes that I continue to practice as I seek to show up as my most possible self.

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Do you need a coach? No. You have the ability to do this yourself. But, the piece that is missing is the relationship, the connection, the knowledge you are not doing this work alone. A relationship with someone who encourages and supports you, who strides and wanders alongside you, who holds space for the messy parts, who helps you stay accountable to yourself, who reminds you of your why.

Single session coaching sessions may be helpful if…

  • You are finding it difficult to hear your inner voice in all the external noise
  • You have dreams and ideas that aren’t being realized
  • You’re searching for clarity on who you really are and what you really want
  • You feel you are in a life transition but the way forward feels out of focus
  • You want to be more intentional and planful with next steps

In the sixty minute coaching session we will…

  • Step out of the frantic pace and slow down as you reconnect to yourself
  • Listen to your unique Voice: What do you really want to say?
  • Clarify what is important to you and why
  • Identify manageable next steps

And 4-6 weeks later –

A 30 minute follow-up check-in call

What does a single coaching session look like?

Prior to our session you will receive an optional Questionnaire that will help you explore how you want to use our time together most effectively. The questions invite you to consider some of your values and beliefs, strengths and challenges.

Our hour long coaching time together puts you in the driving seat. You name what you would like to bring to the session and we go from there, using a combination of non-judgemental curiosity and questioning, feedback, and sometimes breath work, mindfulness, visualization, or journalling. You choose what feels right for you.

The session includes: 

  • For new clients a 15 minute phone consult to check if this is a good fit for you
  • Questionnaire for pre-coaching preparation
  • 1x sixty minute coaching session
  • 1x thirty minute follow up call
  • Email connection in-between coaching session and follow up call
  • Optional take-away activities to support your self-reflection

Programme Cost: $290 (+HST)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a coach?

You actually don’t need a coach. You are completely capable of doing the research, the readings, and figuring out the steps you need to move toward your desired outcome.  

What you find missing is someone accompanying you. You benefit from non-judgemental, supportive and curious conversations that provide you with feedback, encouragement and support your accountability. My coaching is collaborative and creative — we work together to focus on what works best for your unique journey. I meet you where you are, and we work at your pace. 

How do I know if single-session coaching is for me?

Individual coaching sessions may work best for you if you are looking for helpful and collaborative conversations every so often that stop you getting into a stuck place, or help you emerge if you are feeling sticky!

You work best when you are in conversation, when you hear yourself as you speak, and benefit from questions that provide a different lens. 

Do I need therapy instead?

Coaching focuses on growth and development supporting a way of being and doing and showing up in the world claiming your most possible self. Coaching tends to focus more on creating internal shifts and changes through taking action that lead to desired outcomes.

Therapy often incorporates a coaching element, but tends to be used when there is a desire for deeper personal inquiry, or at a time of overwhelm or crisis. It may focus more on managing and developing emotional regulation, and creating an alternative, more self-supportive narrative. In therapy we may be exploring for the first time who we are and what we need.

Both coaching and therapy support developing greater understanding of what keeps you stuck or repeating patterns of thought or behaviour that don’t serve you. Coaching identifies those stuck places, and focuses more on moving through, or around them to reach desired goals or intentions. Whilst therapy tends to spend more time on understanding the stuck places, where they come from, how they show up.

My coaching flavour works best if you already have some deeper understanding of yourself, and what you desire, and are ready to explore what that change looks like.

How will I know coaching is working for me?

Coaching doesn’t unfortunately provide a magic wand. It requires input, some deep reflection and expanding your zone of comfort (or leaving it if that’s your thing – a toe out the door, or a leap – your call). Over time you will notice that you are thinking in a slightly different more helpful way, or you are prepared to do something that a few months ago you would not have considered. You, ideally, feel less alone, and more supported during the process.

Becoming our most possible selves is a gradual process of trying out parts of self, and becoming more fully alive. The process isn’t linear—like life, it may feel like two steps forward, and one step back. At times you may have some significant ahas, and at other times you will probably feel like giving up—and this tends to be where the magic is about to happen. Our coaching together is a collaboration, so you are not alone on your journey.

What do I get for my financial investment?

Depending on what coaching options you choose, you will receive allocated time where we focus solely on you, and what you need. We will dive into what makes you You, and how you can plan for more of that!

All coaching begins with a questionnaire for you to prepare for our work together. This supports you to get the most out of our time, and helps me to understand your needs more fully.

We stay connected via email in-between our sessions whilst we are working together, so you can share your progress.

All coaching ends with a final check in session to see how you are implementing and adapting your plan of action, and to help you clarify ongoing steps.

I'm not quite ready to commit to coaching, but I'd like to stay in touch.
I would love to stay in touch! The best way is to sign up for my monthly newsletter which will keep you up to date with when my courses are online and other events I am involved with. I also share other activities and resources you may find helpful.